Thursday, November 15, 2007

You call this progress?

Well, no, not really. It's only been a week, after all, and I am quite the procrastinator. I don't think I've moved anything since Saturday, unless it's to kick something out of my way, though Mademoiselle Panzie has moved several books, intentionally or otherwise.

What a great help she is.

We're seriously considering maybe thinking about registering for baby gear this weekend. Or next. I just have this weird obsession or compulsion to have the room cleaned out before registering. Which may push us into mid-February or so...but after hearing from a patron today that her friend gave birth yesterday after only 7 1/2 months of pregnancy, I'm starting to feel even more anxious. For once, I don't think it's paranoia. Birthing babies is not an exact science, and if Speck arrives early and sleeps snuggly in a cardboard box on the coffee table because we don't have a crib or even an empty room, what encouragement do we even have for getting a crib or emptying a room? We can't be the only ones who let many and varied things slide because we can make do otherwise.

(Have I ever mentioned how much I adore digital cameras? [Particularly when used for such noble and worthy purposes as visually documenting messes, etc.] Quite possibly, ours is the best purchase Rob's ever made, and he's made many purchases. Many, many purchases.)

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