Sunday, November 11, 2007

23 weeks. And a day.

Rob thought these photos came out well, and I was back in the house, in my cozy velour maternity hoodie and pants (which Rob says are not exactly flattering), before looking at them and seeing how amazingly wide and dreary I appear, in both body and face. (You should see the frontal shots--GAH.) I'll blame it on the pulled-back hair, on the insufficient use of war paint, and on just returning from a big breakfast out. (From which I returned still hungry.) And I did really like this sweater...

And this is as productive as we got today. I very recently peeled myself off of the sofa, having spent more than four hours there with a book, just now finished; to be honest, I did get up a few times, mostly snack-related.

That is all. I'm feeling rather dull in both spirits and wit today. I'll blame it on the gloomy weather and our indolence. But it's almost dinnertime...that usually perks up a preggo!

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