Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks for Thanksgiving...

1. What is the title of a beautiful children's book (author Julie Markes, illustrator Doris Barrette)?

2. What is appreciation for a brief day in the year on which we are encouraged--nay, obligated--to consider for what we are truly thankful, in the manner of a sitcom episode?

Here goes (please feel free to mentally make bulleted statements parallel; I haven't quite the energy.):

  • a healthy baby (well, not at this particular moment, what with the ear infection and oozing nose and eyes and antibiotics...but, you get the big picture)

  • a wonderful husband, who's a fantastic father, even if he can't (won't?) wash the diapers, do the non-stanky laundry, cook meals, bathe the baby, do the grocery shopping...but he does earn points for dealing so well with the whole vegetarian thing

  • a loving family

  • that Speck has healthy grandparents

  • that Speck has a healthy great-grandfather!

  • my own health (well, again, not at this particular moment, what with the horrendous colds that husband and I have gotten from baby and daycare, apparently)

  • a good job that I enjoy

  • affordable, reputable childcare, even if we aren't thrilled to need childcare

  • sufficient health insurance

  • a house, even if it isn't paid off quite yet (check back in a few decades)

  • a reliable, fuel-efficient car that is paid off

  • money enough for food, for utilities, for necessities, for some luxuries (eating out a mite too often, someone's unbreakable comic book habit, another someone's insistence that Baby only eat organic foods and be cleansed and anointed with only natural, expensive toiletries)

I suppose that's enough for this year. We hope for more, and not less, in the coming years...