Thursday, November 8, 2007

Farewell, my cubbyhole...

And so I've taken the last few images of (most of) my beloved "office," soon to be nursery-fied. Sadly, this is the neatest and tidiest that it's been in...ever. (But if you let me keep it, I'll take better care of it! I'll clean up after it! Pleeeease!!!)

I know we have four months (my due date is four calendar months from today, in fact), but with the upcoming holidays and extra poundage, I'm feeling a bit paranoid about time and energy and opportunity slipping away. I had planned to start packing up and moving things to Rob's office (dungeon) on Tuesday, as I had the day off for Election Day (no, I didn't vote--did you?), but time slipped away even then. Not so much "slipped away" as seemingly better spent getting an oil change, cruising the Internet, reading, eating, trying on even more ill-fitting maternity clothes, and, very late in the afternoon, finally cleaning a little and doing some laundry and making a fast dinner, so Rob wouldn't ask, in mock disbelief at my slothfulness, "What have you done all day?" He still asked. Oh, I have seen the error of my ways. Ha.

Anyhow, Rob complained a bit about my demand for domestic "equal rights," but he did make about 1/6 of his large bookcase amenable to my book-housing needs. I've moved four books thus far. (They were rather large and heavy, so there.) We still aren't quite sure how the desks and all will fit into his office, but we've talked about ditching my PC and desk and getting a laptop, etc. Like we'll have time to be on computers simultaneously after Speck arrives anyhow. So glass-half-full we can be.

Maybe I'll start tomorrow. Or over the weekend, which is a three-dayer because of Veterans' Day. Woo-hoo! (November is one of the loveliest of months for public servants...Did I mention my coup of Thanksgiving week? Six days off!) If only my mood weren't so funereal for the task at hand...

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