Sunday, November 4, 2007

22 weeks.

Well, actually, yesterday was "officially" 22 weeks, according to the OB, and these pics are from yesterday a.m. Or just after noon, when we finally left the house for breakfast and a full day out and about. Such bright, young go-getters!

They seemed such a nice couple.

There were so happy, so energetic, so optimistic about the day ahead.

Little did they know what horrors (in the form of utter tedium) the apple orchard/cider mill held...

Joking, really. Though I did make Rob visit an apple orchard/cider mill, a trip that was both delightfully geeky and autumnal, against his better judgement. Even after he hurt his back while getting dressed. (Again, Rob--nice try.) The weather was beautiful, and I couldn't bear to stay home and clean or rake the damn leaves (as seen in photos above--there are, like, millions!). I think we were just about the only adults at the orchard/mill thing without children outside the womb. (It reminded me of the time we went to a movie theater to see Finding Nemo, and the woman with two young daughters ahead of us turned away from the box office and asked, rather suspiciously, "Where are your kids?" Uhhhh....)

Regardless, we had a lovely time, what with apples and cider and donuts and hay and corn mazes and animals, both those alive and stinky and those animatronic and sucky (which were somewhat pathetic. And utterly weird.). Driving back along country roads, we so meandered that pick-up trucks and SUVs constantly passed up our "Sunday driving on a Saturday afternoon," as Rob put it. But it was a beautiful day! Damn city slickers, fascinated by fallow fields and farmhouses and sprinklings of cows and horses.

We also hit a few stores and a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Slowly into the abyss goes our whole "let's-save-money-because-of-the-baby-and-potential-single-income-future." I tried on about fourteen maternity tops before deciding that, as a pregnant woman, I am obviously deformed, as all of it looked ridiculous, except for a sweater that I bought. Which may not look great on me, but, relative to the rest of the things I've tried in the last few months...

Rob thinks we're raking and bagging leaves and mowing the lawn today. Ha. We're still in pajamas, he playing a video game and I screwing around on the Internet. Not totally screwing around, as I'm entering many and varied baby- and pregnancy-product contests, monitoring an eBay sale, and balancing my checking account, but I am doing a fair amount of Internet-related screwing around. (And into which category does this blog-like thing fall?) Ahh, weekends...

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