Saturday, November 24, 2007

Those freakin' countdowns

Earlier this week, I added a countdown to Speck's EDA at the bottom of this blog. I even spent some time fooling with the HTML code, simple as it was, to modify it to my specifications. Some (Rob) may call my countdown crude and simplistic; I prefer to think of it as tasteful and elegant, Arial font though it may be.

Alas, Rob, not content with mere criticism this time, swooped in--while at work--and junked up my serene little piece of the Internet with his "countdown cray-zee-ness!" He wanted to delete them after showing me how the cool kids add countdowns, but I wouldn't let him, preferring to retain evidence of his madness. I even permitted him administrator privileges to add the least obnoxious to the sidebar. But look! (he said,) This one shows you the baby's development! So, it stays. (I don't quite understand the one-day discrepancy between his and my countdowns, but I'll leave that to the mathematical/obstetrical geniuses who must read this blog daily. I'm sure Speck won't arrive on the precise day anyhow.)

Belly photos not available, as we were not showered and dressed 'til just about sundown. Such bright, young go-getters...

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Kelly Malloy said...

There certainly are a TON of countdowns! I never used one - just kept count myself!