Monday, November 19, 2007

24 weeks.

Or it was 24 weeks when these were snapped:

I had to work on Saturday, so we had to settle for some nighttime shots with artificial illumination. Which may have worked to my crow's-footed advantage, particularly in the blurry, closed-eyed second shot. (We'll just call that photo "artistically distorted" or something, as I look even goofier in the other photos. And it appears as though I'm doing the chicken dance in the first. A very sad, lonely, one-woman chicken dance.)

While I slaved away at the library, workin' hard to bring home the soy bacon, Rob was otherwise occupied:*

(Panzie ain't havin' none of it.)

*Not shown: Rob having breakfast out; Rob wandering about a few retail establishments; Rob screwing around on the Internet; Rob spending vast amounts of time playing video games.

I do love a man in an apron. And I do love cookies. And work wasn't really that bad: we had a game day for kids and teens, and I spent some of my gainfully employed time playing Crazy Eights and Clue, when I wasn't feverishly assembling just-purchased board games. And we went out for pizza that night, which lately is enough to make my day!

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