Sunday, February 10, 2008

36 weeks. And still kickin' (well, at least Speck is.).

Before I begin, I must state that I planned to update much more frequently, particularly after that last post, as Rob complained that the photos I used were awful. Anyhow.

It's only been, what, two months-ish? A few major holidays, including a new year that's now nearly 6 weeks old? A baby shower? A last ultrasound? An almost-finished nursery? A labor and delivery class? A tour of the birthing center?

Yes, all of these--but also supreme grumpiness, laziness, exhaustion, and a bout of sickness. (Wah.)

Nothing much else new to report (ha), but, as the only three people (my mom, my sister-in-law, Anne) who actually read this blog have asked when I plan to post, I'm doing it now.

In all fairness, I haven't been quite so keen on the profile pics of the belly that Rob was taking weekly for a while. However, here's me from last week, #35, with my patented blank look o' mild surprise in the almost-finished nursery, with Eeyore and Pound Puppy standing guard:


And here are a few that I quite like of the incubator and the responsible party:

And I promise to post--in a day or two!--photos of the baby's beautiful room, which Rob worked on single-handedly (well, he may have used both hands at times), and Speck's last ultrasound, if lethargic Rob ever gets 'round to scanning them...