Friday, June 19, 2009

mama, da, kitty, car, elbow, puppy, apple.

Such are the words that our kid can pronounce (well, sorta) thus far, in the order that he's learned them. A few are perfectly clear, while others require a bit of aural creativity on his parents' behalf.

Most amazing of all: today marks the first day that Ben initiated play (as those child-rearing guys phrase it) before I left his daycare room. On Mondays and Wednesdays, he immediately sits down for his lunch, and on Fridays, he usually whines and/or cries and/or clings and/or looks absolutely stricken while I shove his food and sippy cups in the fridge. Yet, this morn, after the (cling-free!) fridge-shoving, I turned around to see him happily wheeling a toy shopping cart around the room. Shocking. He seemed content until the other Ben shoved him away from the cart and--insult to injury--stole the lone block that was inside. Of course, lead teacher reminded both Bens that "nice touches" were expected of them, which remarkably prompted Other Ben to look a bit ashamed and wander all of 16 inches away to play with Other Shopping Cart. And my Ben was still playing with his cart after I left the room (yes, I peek, every lovin' day).

Dearest Ben, have we turned over a new leaf with the daycare thing? Other Ben, where did you learn to glower like that?

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