Monday, December 6, 2010

Worst. Mother. Ever.*

The mother who gives her child "just a few" chocolate chips before breakfast. The mother who lets her child watch way too much Thomas the Tank Engine so she can dry her hair, put on makeup, get dressed. The mother who just notices how incredibly long and vampire-like some of her child's fingernails are. The mother who, apparently, is the only parent who forgot to put boots (do the ones from last year even fit?) on her child on the first snowy day (albeit just a dusting). The mother who asks a daycare employee to inspect her child's mouth before nap to ensure that he isn't holding any of his lunch tangerine in his cheeks because she'd forgotten when she packed his lunch that he sometimes does that.

And that was all this morning--before 11 a.m.!

And, of course, last week's incident:

Though perhaps I can blame his father for that one.
Yes, I least partially.

I feel better now...but how will I feel in about 15 weeks, 1 day, when #2 is scheduled to arrive?

*With, yet again, apologies to The Simpsons.

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